BIKE & BUILD • 2012

This summer I'm going to ride my bike across the country to promote awareness, raise funds, and build affordable houses for families and individuals in need. But I'm going to need some help.

Alex Bloom

The state of housing in America is in rough shape. A wise man once said: “The Rent is Too Damn High.”1 The 33% of Americans renting probably couldn't agree more,2 but for the 9.5 million low-income, working American families spending over half their total income on housing, these words hold a severe truth.3 This summer, I'm going to ride my bike across the country, from Providence, RI to Seattle, WA, to raise money and awareness for affordable housing, and to build 9 homes along the way.

To my fellow citizens, those in all walks of life, from the overcrowded neighborhoods of the inner city to the ghost towns of the middle states, I extend an open heart and open hand.

Please join me in the effort to combat this crisis — so that all Americans can have access to the foundation for the place of safety and serenity we each call home.

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The Ride

Providence to Seattle, 2012

Providence to Seattle Route Map
The United States of America
House Icon
We are building a house there.
Space Needle Icon
The Space Needle. (Not building a house on it.)

The Facts

3,949 Miles*

Est. Total Distance

Trip Distance

70 Days

Trip Duration


9 Days

On Build Sites

Building Tools

55 Days*

On the Bike


33 Riders

In the Pack

33 Cyclists

14 States

Visited on the Journey

State Initials

*For Comparison Purposes: The Tour De France is only 23 days long and 2,162 miles.
**I do not discredit the immensely difficult task of completing the Tour De France.

The Mission

To put a roof over the heads of hardworking American families that cannot afford adequate housing.

The Money

And Where It's Going

A Handy Flowchart

Bike & Build
Affordable Housing Organizations


Affordable Homes

Some of the organizations we fund

Habitat for Humanity
Rebuilding Together



    In 2012 Bike & Build will distribute part of the fundraising proceeds from each of the trips to housing groups across the country through a competitive grant application process. Each organization can apply to receive a grant between $500 and $10,000. You can learn more or apply here.

    To any single beneficiary of each rider's choice. Mine will go to an organization in Philadelphia: I'll announce when I make my decision.

    Bike & Build operates with the support of community groups, religious organizations, and generous individuals. As a small thank you for hosting riders throughout the country, they can name an affordable housing organization to which Bike & Build will make a $100 contribution in their name.

    In addition to hundreds of hosts across the U.S., a number of affordable housing organizations go above and beyond to help Bike & Build run its events. Some organizations, for example, supply a fifteen passenger support van for use on a trip free of charge, while others provide a week of building for a trip with a dedicated site supervisor. In return for their generosity, these organizations receive a sizable pre-arranged contribution at the conclusion of the summer. A list of these beneficiaries will be posted to in the coming months.
Trip Expenses
Bike and Build is an independent 501(c)3 organization. That means they don't make any profit. For the riders, it means no hotels, no tour guides, and no sports masseuse to alleviate sore legs. Nearly all food and lodging for the trips are donated, and we will often sleep on gymnasium floors or camp outside. The major trip expense comes in bike costs, one per rider at a cost of $450. This is only 10% of each rider's minimum fundraising level. It is not a professionally led cycling tour, and all of the riders involved, including the trip leaders, are volunteers. Financial audits are posted to the website each year.
Over $605,000 donated to affordable housing groups in the Summer of 2011.

Fundraising Meter

Current Total: $4842.77

53.8% TO GOAL
Minimum to Ride

Suggested Donations

$25 $50 $100 $250

I've started with my own contribution of $1000.


  • Nick Nelson
  • Ciara McCartney
  • Amy Bloom
  • Erin Good
  • Michelle Good
  • Camilla L McComb
  • Steve DeCusatis
  • Richard Tubman
  • Hannah Murray
  • Ed Yakovich
  • Erica Tubman
  • Kris Aubuchon
  • Meaghan Murray
  • Justin Keena
  • Tyler Scaife
  • Neil Goldberg
  • Barton Bloom
  • Pete & Betty Albert
  • Stephanie Sundt
  • The Parson's Table Restaurant
  • Marcos Lopez
  • Marty Kramar
  • Jamie Juliano
  • Jessie Mademann
  • Drew Carlson
  • Jonathan Tompkins
  • Daniel St. George
  • Brian Barnhart
  • Josh Kemp
  • Jeff and Tammy Mitgang
  • Dillon Mast
  • Laine Danshes
  • Devon Zangari
  • Bernardo Margulis
  • Katie Mangels
  • Andrea Robbins
  • Everyone at Bluecadet
  • Kelly Holohan
  • Give with Liberty
  • Jill Mangan
  • Kathleen Panek
  • Janet Scannell
  • Linda Bloom

It is my intent to thank each and every donor personally and publicly, but I respect your privacy. If you would like to donate, but would not like your name listed, please send me an email. The donor list will be updated twice daily.

How You Can Help

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